Sci-Fi UI Design


  • Updated general library


  • Shader value interpolater checks active before coroutine


  • Updated Devdog.General to latest
  • Added UIElementKeyActions to sci-fi namespace so it can be used for the main menu
  • Dropdown animator helper switched to devdog.general
  • Main menu scene updated
  • Updated layout changer
  • Load item info bug fix with empty description or text
  • Added PhysicsRaycaster to the ingame demo scene
  • Upped version number and fixed link to Inventory Pro in integration window


  • Added a bunch of new UI & HUD Elements
  • Fixed: Main menu had missing component references for the non-inventory-pro version


  • Removed Inventory Pro dependency! It now works without inventory pro, but you can of course still use the two together.
  • Added non-inventory-pro specific scenes + created prefabs without actual Inventory Pro scripts attached to them.
  • Updated all namespaces to Devdog.SciFiDesign and Devdog.SciFiDesign.UI
  • Added new spaceship demo scene: Added flocking behavior + firing on airplanes
  • Extra shader added: Digital glitch can now also be used in world-space UI and interferes with intersecting objects


  • Cleanup project & demo scenes
  • Added dialogues
  • Added UI elements for FPS HUD

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