• Plugin.xml file for DialogueSystem
  • VisibilityToggle issue resolved (2018.3 removed it from the default theme)


  • Morph3D integration
  • Dialogue System Integration
  • Fixed generics issues with vendor slots.
  • Vendor exact reference prioritized over equality (fixes #22)
  • CollectionBase.Remove() now prioritizes exact object over object equality
  • Added item tooltip offset for easy offset to mouse position
  • Skinned mesh mountpoint root bone is no longer required


  • Added RFPSP Support
  • Added UMA2 Support
  • Added tooltip to vendor slot prefab
  • [Fix] SinglePlayer scene loads regular UI scene, not TMP
  • [Fix] Removed Text Mesh Pro components from default UI prefabs


  • Added Text Mesh Pro integration
  • Cleaned up demo scenes + color coded
  • Easy asset rename button
  • Changed default UnityItemInstance behavior to NOT deplete stack size by 1.
  • Moved networking folder (generic stuff) to UnityBridge folder
  • Added VendorConfig. Now gives the option to easily configure vendors
  • Avoid double initialization on UNetEquippableCharacter
  • CurrencyCollectionUI logging added (might be initialized later) for networking libs
  • Integrations windows to redirect users to the website
  • Built-in Devdog.General2.UnityLogger adheres to general settings log type
  • ItemFactories to Awake() instead of constructors
  • Fixed issues with vendor and equipable items.
  • Currency collection now accepts removal of 0f
  • Vendor sell input handler validates if slot isn't empty
  • [Fix] CollectionGroup.collectionCount returns proper collection count
  • [Fix] CollectionBuilder does not re-use list (fixes restrictions being shared)
  • [Fix] collection drag is cancelled if window gets hidden half way through drag
  • Moved Integration folder


Upgrade Guide: 

Make a backup

Delete Assets/Devdog/General2 and Assets/Devdog/Rucksack folders and do a clean import.


  • Singleplayer demo scene bugfixes


  • Fixed Getting started editor documentation URL
  • Fixed equipment merge stack bug
  • Fixed Item consumption bug for UNet


  • Removed Create Asset menu from UnityItemDefinition to avoid users circumventing the main editor
  • SetCollectionPermission now also checks for Currency collection and sets permission on that if the GUID's match
  • Clients now receive a callback when they've used an item (useful for visual effects) (see Client_NotifyUsed)
  • Server / Client collection sync fixed. Server used FindByName, which clients overwrote, causing strange sync issues


  • Made player collection group setters protected to avoid overwriting isntances. Use CollectionGroup<T>.Set() instead
  • Fixed click to drag issue on default input handlers
  • Invector folder and assembly definition
  • Removed ILayoutItemInstance and added shape directly to IItemInstance


  • Drop handler didn't clear collection entry + singleplayer components
  • CollectionBase<T> has a name by default and ToString() == collectionName
  • [FIX] vendor generator didn't register in VendorRegsitry
  • [Fix] Singleplayer vendor fixed
  • InventoryPlayer and UNetInventroyPlayer's collection groups don't get recreated. Collections inside group get re-created, but CollectionGroup<T> object remains in tact, so it can be used as a ref type everywhere, without having to grab a new instance when the collections change
  • Equipment issues fixed for singleplayer


  • Initial release

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