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Odin - Inspector and Serializer

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Odin puts your Unity workflow on steroids, making it easy to build powerful user-friendly editors for you and your entire team. 

With an effortless integration that deploys perfectly into pre-existing workflows, Odin allows you to serialize anything and enjoy Unity with 80+ new inspector attributes, no boilerplate code and so much more! 

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Effortless Integration

Odin is easy to use and won't break your existing workflow. In fact, you don't even need to inherit from anything, which means your existing editors will continue to work.

Editor-only Mode

Use Odin only for its editor improvements by disabling serialization completely and entering editor-only mode.

Full Source Code Access

Odin comes with the full source code, allowing you to change anything and extend the tool as you wish.

Input Validation

Empower your entire team by allowing your developers to setup scene and input validations, making using Unity easier than ever for artists and developers alike.

Serialize Anything

Odin uses our highly-rated custom serialization protocol, allowing you to either inherit from our SerializedBehaviour, SerializedScriptableObject etc. or add a few lines of code to your existing class, and everything serializable shall be serialized. 

Powerful Lists

All arrays and lists implementing Microsoft's IList interface are drawn by our powerful list drawer; drag & drop, multi-dim arrays [NEW], tables [NEW], cross-list and even cross-window item dragging, paging, nested list drawing, and much more!

Insanely Extensible

A powerful and flexible API lets you easily extend and modify how the inspector is drawn. Create entirely new property group types and custom drawers in moments!

Odin Editor Windows

You can now use Odin to rapidly create custom Editor Windows to help organize your project and game data. A life-saver for huge projects.




Inspectors and Editors

Odin Inspector makes it easy for you and your team to enjoy the benefits of a powerful and user-friendly inspector, without ever having to write a single custom editor.

With Odin's 80+ attributes, you will be creating advanced editors and inspectors in minutes - not hours!

But most importantly of all; Odin is easy to install and designed to integrate effortlessly into a pre-existing workflow, causing a minimum of on-boarding hassle.

Odin has been developed by Sirenix, published by Devdog.

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Serialize Anything!

A simple, straight-forward data structure is often the way best way to go, but there are times where you simply need to serialize that complex generic, polymorphic type with cyclic references. This is where our custom serialization protocol comes into play.

You can either inherit from one of our many in-built classes, such as SerializedMonoBehaviour and SerializedScriptableObject, or add a few lines of code to your existing classes.

Odin has full prefab support, close to zero garbage collection and high performance, follows Microsoft's .NET serialization standards and so much more!

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Getting Started is Easy!

Used by thousands of developers, Odin is the ultimate workflow improvement tool for many of the top studios in the games industry. But best of all; it's easy to get started.

Watch our Getting Started videos on YouTube, and join Discord if you have any questions.



Input Validation

Bugs are often caused when a designer doesn't know how a component works and accidentally sets an invalid value. This causes many errors, and can waste a lot of time that might have been productive while they look it up in a manual or consult with the developer who wrote the component.

Odin lets you easily write custom validation logic to ensure only correct values are set, and lets you give sensible feedback right in the inspector. Providing informative warnings, or simply disallowing invalid values, goes a long way towards minimizing the amount of potential bugs and smoothing out your workflow.

Odin also provides a Scene Validation Window, which lets you scan entire scenes for errors, warnings, missing references etc.

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Odin Editor Windows

Inheriting from OdinEditorWindow enables you to render fields, properties and methods, and make editor windows using attributes, without writing any custom editor code!

But it doesn't stop here. 

Derive from OdinMenuEditorWindow to create windows that inspect a custom tree of target objects, with automatic support for multiselection and more.

These are great for organizing your project neatly, and escaping the confusing, massive project view hierarchy that often exists in very large projects. For example, Odin itself uses one of these to draw its preferences window.

Inline Editors

The Inline Editor attribute lets you render an editor for any UnityEngine.Object reference directly inside the inspector.

It can draw the editor, the file header, and the interactable object preview, which all can be customized and enabled or disabled through the attribute.

Start drawing full editors inside existing editors and you'll never more have to hop around!




Color Palettes

With the Odin Color Palettes you can define project-based color palettes for your whole team to share, and mark relevant color properties to show a color palette right next to the color picker.

- Works with all Unity's Color types
- Allows you to easily create new custom color palettes
- Palettes are stored as a project asset, making the entire team share the same color palettes

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  • tomzigza

    Super productivity booster

    «This product really should be merged into unity like they did with textmeshpro. They also provide great support on their discord. I got my question answered within 24 hours.»

  • fidelsoto

    How is this even possible?

    «I made a polymorphic list, returned to the inspector, and I could not believe what I saw. I shed a tear for every hour I spent coding custom inspectors and then cried (of happiness) at the thought of never having to write a custom editor script again. The value that this plugin adds to the engine is unparalleled not only for unity but for any piece of software currently in existence. This changes everything. This should be integrated into the engine.»

  • ledbetterman

    Odin Inspector - Unity on Steriods

    «I can't sing the praises of this asset enough. Odin Inspector has revolutionized my workflow: the way in which complex data structures and behemoth classes are made conveniently editable and organized in the Unity inspector. Odin enables the game designer to the be the master of their project.»

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