Line of Sight and Hearing System

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A super fast & lightweight modular hearing and line of sight solution that is heavily optimized and production ready. 


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Detect Targets

Detect targets with support for static meshes, skinned meshes, and 2D sprites, or emit audio from objects and setup listeners to hear them.

For both Programmers and Designers

Everything is interface-based, which means only few dependencies, and with PlayMaker support, designers can setup Los PRO too!

Full Source Code Access

Los PRO comes with the full source code, allowing you to change anything and extend the highly modular tool as you wish.



Detect in 2D AND 3D

With Los Pro you can detect any target (Skinned meshes, static meshes, 2D sprites and any game object).

Using the powerful editors, you can easily set up your desired system, and by either automatically scanning for positions or manually defining them, you'll have everything ready in a matter of minutes.

Read on below for more features.

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Getting Started is Easy!

Los PRO is the most lightweight and modular line of sight and hearing system for Unity, and it's easy to get started.

Watch our Getting Started videos on YouTube, and join Discord if you have any questions.


Endless Posilibities

With Los PRO you can quickly add countless advanced gameplay elements to your game.

Hide in bushes, hide behind trees, buildings, anything you’d like. By setting up occluders (colliders and/or triggers) Los PRO enables you to make your characters see and hear!

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The zones in Los PRO is a powerful feature to make your game seem more realistic.

The zones are used to change target or observer behavior. For example, in a scene with a dark alley, you can create light sources where targets are more easily detected. Or make it harder to detect targets in dark corners - you name it.

For Programmers & FSM Users

A single interface is all you need to define a target, observer or listener (1 interface per type), make Los PRO easy to use for programmers.

Not a programmer? Not a problem! Simply use the built-in support for PlayMaker and hook onto events and use custom actions. Support for other FSMs coming soon.

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  • Kush-Mastah

    Great tool !

    «Fast, easy, intuitive and robust solution for anyone looking for some detection tool. Tutorials are very well done and allow you to work with the system very quickly. It is highly flexible and customizable, and can do the trick for basic set up to more complex situations. Zones are particularly well thought out.»

  • Drown

    Cool solution, especially for artists

    «I really like this asset. It allowed me to do my first experiments with stealth mechanics and LoS gameplay elements. I got it for the Playmaker support as it is a big part of my workflow when doing prototyping.»

  • ksx_kshan

    Highly Recommended for Stealth Games

    «This package is exactly what I needed to allow my character to hide in foliage and create immersive stealth type gameplay. I absolutely cannot recommend this product enough if you have need for a more advanced detection algorithm.»

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