Inventory Pro


  • Fix for ArgumentException under 2019.1.
  • useCurrentPlayer == true, it used PlayerManager.instance.currentPlayer.
  • Fix to show equipVisually flagged items after load.
  • Checking target in editor scripts to workaround the annoying unity bug.
  • Fix for a NullReferenceException when the message prefab has no hide animation set.
  • RemoveInventoryCollection removed all collections not just the matching collection.
  • Check equippable item's CanUnEquip on drag&drop.
  • Call UnEquipItem with addToInventory as false to fix a bug where the equipped item couldn't be dropped when the inventory is full.
  • Using InventoryPlayer's inventoryCollections when the player is getting died wouldn't include additionally added inventories. InventoryManager.GetLootToCollections() on the other hand returns with all the player inventory collections.


  • Deprecated plyGame support


  • Updated general library
  • plyInventoryPlayer called Init directly before plyGame's Actor initialization. Making its base class' WaitFramesThenInit and _waitFramesBeforeInit protected and call them when necessary can solve this issue.



  • Updated general library
  • Updated Quest System Pro demo scene


  • Getting started editor URL fix
  • Skillbar key-combination fix
  • Vendor buyback now initializes category with an empty array to prevent null ref
  • Equippable items restore stats when loaded back in


  • Fixed links to the new website
  • Equippable items restore stats when loaded back in


  • Small bugfixes

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