Critter Crates

4 High Quality Creatures with 40 Hand-Crafted Animations

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The Critter Crate creatures pack consists of high quality (2k textures) and fully animated, rigged and Mechanim-ready creatures that are ideal as both enemies and pets in any PC or Mobile game. 

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Bi-Monthly Updates

A new fully animated creature is added every other month starting June 2018 for at least 8 months!

These creatures are all added as free updates. Naturally.

Read on below for more features.

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Getting Started is Easy!

With 40 hand-crafted animations with 2K Textures ranging from 1600-2400 tris, you'll get started on your new game in seconds!

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2K Textures and Animations

All creatures in the package include 8+ animations and textures in 2K quality (2048x2048).

Animations include idle, walk, run, several attacks, die, taking damage and more! See all the animations here.

The tris count is from 16000 to 2400 depending on the creature, making them perfect for both PC and mobile games as both enemies or pets!

Creatures Showcase


Fully-fledged Demo Scene

In addition to the animated creatures, the built-in demo scene also includes the following props:

- The bush
- Tree
- Tank
- Coil

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