Sci-Fi UI on 24H Unity Sale - Down from $40 to $25!


Sci-Fi UI Design for uGUI is on Sale!

For the next 24 hours, you can get our 5-star rated beutiful and versatile Sci-Fi UI design for uGUI for only $25 instead of the normal $40.

The asset got picked by Unity to become part of a 24 hour sale, so you have to act quick if you want to get it at this discounted price.

Please Tell me More About the Sci-Fi UI Design

The Sci-Fi UI for uGUI is a VR-Ready Sci-Fi design that integrates perfectly with Inventory Pro, but also works as a stand-alone asset.

The UI design is extremely adjustable, and (almost) all elements can be tweaked directly inside the Unity UI editor. Change colors, animations and layouts directly from the inspector!

In addition, many HUD elements are included and works right out of the box, with several built-in animations that can be tweaked with ease to fit many use cases. 

Get Sci-FI UI Design for uGUI for $25 only today!

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