Quest System Pro Official Release (and Discount!)


Quest System Pro is out of Beta

Our quest, achievement and dialogue/conversation tree system for Unity, Quest System Pro, is now out of beta (hip hip hurray!).

And we're celebrating with a fantastic discount! 

Right now, and for the next 2 weeks, you can get Quest System Pro on the Unity Asset Store for only $25, after which the price will rise to $40.


What Did we Update in Quest System Pro? 

Based on a bunch of great feedback from the beta buyers, we've prepared a sleeve of new features and updated other existing features to accommodate your requests.

You can find the release notes here, but to just highlight a few, we:

Added an integration with the Love/Hate asset

The integration between Quest System Pro and the Love/Hate asset made by Pixel Crushers was greatly requested. And with good reason! If you use or plan to use both of these assets in the same game, it will be much simpler. 

Added Spawners (Yes, it's finally here!)

This is absolutely the feature we're most excited about getting into your hands.

With spawners, you can now make quests that spawn NPCs, monsters, items, basically anything, based on a preset or generated texture, with full visual control of where the objects will be spawned. 

We also added a random factor, meaning you can easily setup quests that gives e.g. a 50% chance of the monster spawning in location A, a 10% chance to spawn in location B, 40% in location C. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Lastly, this spawner feature also has relevancy, Perlin noise, volumes and waves options, meaning you can for example setup a wave of monsters spawning (Tower Defense-style).


Greatly improved the dialogue editor workflow

The better the workflow we can create in our assets, the faster they allow you to work and make fantastic games.

So, as we often do, we went over the workflow of using Quest System Pro, this time focusing on the dialogue editor. 


In addition to these and everything else in the changelog, we went through the entire code and cleaned it all up, so that it is now as clean as an official release should be. 


Are We Then Done With Quest System Pro?

Absolutely not!

As with all of our assets, we'll continue to update and improve Quest System Pro as long as there is more to be improved. 

But one thing's for sure. The $25 Quest System Pro discount is one you should not miss, as the price will only rise from this point onwards! 

Get Quest System Pro Today!

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