Our $35,000 Unity Christmas Giveaway is back!


And this year we've teamed up with Game Analytics!

‘Tis once again the season of Christmas surprises, and if you thought last year was awesome - just wait till you see what the Devdog and Game Analytics elves have in stock for Unity gamedevs like yourself this year!

On December 1st, we’re launching the second edition of the largest Christmas Giveaway Calendar the Unity game development community has ever seen.

This year, we have over 50 sponsors and 120 gifs, ranging from Unity Awards 2017-winning Amplify Creations, to Nordic Game Jam 2018 tickets and much more! 

Yes, it is literally a daily Christmas Giveaway for Unity game developers with a prize pool of well over $35,000!

Take me to the Christmas Calendar

As something new this year, we've teamed up with the awesome team at Game Analytics, who offered to co-host the event, and sponsor a brand new Nintendo Switch with 2 games (guess which?) ;)

Every day of December leading up to Christmas Day on the 25th, we will be sending out early Christmas presents via e-mail from the awesome sponsors to the lucky winners. 

This means you can win games industry conference tickets, Unity Asset Store assets such as Bolt, GeNa, uScript Professional, Nested Prefabs, and Odin among other amazing gifts, every single day.

Head over to the Unity Christmas Giveaway Calendar website to participate now.

Let me win!

How does the Christmas Giveaway Calendar work?

  1. You signup using your e-mail.

  2. Each day, we draw a set of winners among the participants. The winners are contacted directly via e-mail.

  3. Every participant will receive a daily e-mail from December 1st until December 25th, outlining who won and what you can win tomorrow.

But wait, it gets even better!

Although receiving Christmas presents is great, there’s nothing like the joy of giving! :)

Therefore, to incentivize you to share the joyful news of the Christmas Giveaway Calendar, we have prepared a set of community milestones that are reached by sharing the Christmas Calendar website with your fellow game developers on social media.

Once a community milestone is reached, it unlocks new presents, which are then added to the total prize pool.

Let me participate!

Good luck to all participants, thanks to the fantastic sponsors, and Merry Christmas from Devdog and Game Analytics!

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