Open-sourcing Rucksack!


We’re Going Even More Open-source!

A few months ago we open-sourced several of our assets, including Inventory Pro, Quest System Pro and more. Today we're happy to announce we're also open-sourcing Rucksack, our advanced multiplayer inventory solution.


Grab a free copy of Rucksack

Rucksack also falls under the very liberal MIT license.

This also means that as of today, you can’t buy these tools anymore from Unity's Asset Store.
If you’ve bought any of them within the past 30 days, we’re happy to offer a full refund. Just send an email to 
[email protected] with your invoice number.

We’ll continue maintaining the Discord channels for each of these tools, so that the community has a place to exchange ideas for improvements to the tools, answer each other’s questions etc.


What does this mean for my license?

Since Rucksack, Inventory Pro, Quest System Pro, LOS Pro, and Sci-Fi UI Design are now all officially open-sourced, you can use them in whichever way you want, as long as you follow the MIT License.


Thanks for the amazing support over the years. For us at Devdog, this is the beginning of Devdog 2.0, and we're excited to show you everything we've got coming up over the next 12 months.

Keep making awesome games,
Joris, Sune, Bjarke, Tor, and Mikkel of Devdog Publishing

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