Odin v2.0 is here!


The Biggest Odin Inspector Update to Ever Ship!

After months of beta testing (a huge thanks to our Discord community for all the testing, support, and patience!), Odin version 2.0 is now out - and with it, comes the biggest update ever to arrive.

Trust us, this one has been worth the wait!

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details, however, here are two quick announcements that we know many of you have been asking for;

  1. An official Odin Inspector and Serializer roadmap is now live and will be continuously updated so you can get a sneak peek at new features and fixes.
  2. We’re upgrading our 1400-gamedev-big Discord server with community channels for any Unity gamedev working on simulation / RPG / data heavy games. The first round of the upgrade includes adding a Programming, Showcase, and Random channel. So be sure to invite your Unity gamedev friends to THE community for advanced Unity game development (here’s a link: https://discord.gg/zjNj5zZ).

What Does Odin Inspector & Serializer version 2.0 introduce?

Update 2.0.0 introduces significant performance improvements, a new static inspector utility - great for testing and debugging, a few new attributes, the ability to add attributes programmatically through Attribute Processors, the ability to add, remove and control properties programmatically through Property Processors, the ability to show hashsets, stacks, linked-lists etc. in the inspector, and a lot more!

We’ve highlighted a few of the improvements below, and if you want the full details, check out the release notes.

Performance improvements
Odin no longer cares how much data you throw at it, it’ll now render objects with millions of entries smoothly, without any instantiation lag.

To do this, we’ve added a new lazy property resolution system, Odin Property Resolvers, which not only makes adding support for stacks, queues, linked lists and so on a breeze but also vastly increases performance, as all property resolvers are lazily evaluated. Along with a ton of other performance improvements, this means that Odin editors now run a lot smoother.

We have also increased the performance of the Serializer's binary formatter by about 30%.


New Static inspector Utility
If you're a programmer or brave designer, you're likely going find the static inspector helpful during debugging and testing. The new static inspector lets you select any type, and see all of its static members. You can open multiple instances of the static inspector from

Tools > Odin Inspector > Static Inspector.


Put Attributes on Classes Instead of Member
Instead of adding the same attribute, again and again, It is now possible to put attributes on top of types, which will result in the given attribute being applied to all members of that type.

New Attributes
With Odin 2.0, 8 new attributes have been added, including TypeFilter, ResponsiveButtonGroup, TypeInfoBox, ShowInInlineEditors, EnableGUI, HideInTables, PropertySpace, and HideNetworkBehaviourFields

And a whole lot more!

What do you think?

Sirenix has been working on Odin 2.0 for more than 8 months, so we hope you'll enjoy the update and let us know what you think about it on Discord or help spread the word on social media :) 

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