Making Our Sci-Fi UI for uGUI Stand-Alone


Our Sci-Fi UI Asset Now Works Without Inventory Pro

tl;dr: We updated our Sci-Fi UI asset to work stand-alone, thus not requiring Inventory Pro to work anymore. You can find it here

Our Sci-Fi UI design has always been a special asset for us. It saw its light of day based on massive feedback from Inventory Pro customers, requesting us to make a UI design or theme for Inventory Pro. 

A UI design for uGUI (Unity UI) wasn't something we had done before, so initially we built it on-top of Inventory Pro. This meant you had to have both Inventory Pro and Sci-Fi UI in order to use the design in your game. 

And the feedback was amazing! Those of you who bought the Sci-Fi UI design (and there are over 150 of you!) really proved that listening to the customers is a great idea. 

But we wanted to provide the assset to people without Inventory Pro too. Therefore, when we started receiving requests for a stand-alone version of the Sci-Fi UI, we knew exactly what we had to do. 

So a few months ago, we went back to the garage to see how it could be done.  

And that's where we are today. The new version of the Sci-Fi UI asset now works without the need of Inventory Pro (hooray!). 

Thanks for the support, keep the feedback coming, and enjoy the Sci-Fi UI - now without the need of Inventory Pro. 

P.s. if you're new to working with the Unity UI, Brackeys has a great YouTube tutorial-series that is worth checking out. 

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