Launching Scene Cleaner Pro for Unity Hierarchies


Keeping Your Unity Scene Hierarchy Organized. Made Easy! 

For us, there's really nothing worse than having to cleanup a messy hierarchy - it's just one of those things you wish you never have to do again.

And that's why we decided to make an intuitive and super powerful asset to help automate that task. Yes, prototyping just got a whole lot quicker - say hello to Scene Cleaner Pro

The Asset is available right now on the Unity Asset Store at a great beta discount, so be sure to go check it out once you’re done reading this blog post.

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Just as with Inventory Pro and our other Assets, we plan to develop and evolve Scene Cleaner Pro based on feedback from fellow developers like you, so be sure to let us know either via our forum or through an e-mail if there’s anything you’d like to see added to the Asset.

So, how does Scene Cleaner Pro work?

We wanted Scene Cleaner Pro to be as simple to use as possible, which is why the asset works 100% out-of-the-box as a one-click solution. Simply click a button, and your Unity scene hierarchy will be neatly restructured. 

The asset comes with two sets of pre-defined rulesets defining how the hierarchies are cleaned. One ruleset for 3D games and one for 2D games, which should cover most projects just fine.

However, we also wanted Scene Cleaner Pro to be super versatile so that it would work for ANY Unity game, which is why the more advanced features allows you to easily custommize and create your own unique rulesets based on:  

  • Tags
  • Component type
  • Name prefix
  • Empty objects
  • A defined area in your scene

After having used the asset ourselves for some time now, and based on the awesome folk who were willing to beta-test the asset, we can confidently say that Scene Cleaner Pro will save you lots of time, especially while prototyping or working on a tight schedule.

Judge for yourself, let us know what you think, and don't forget to play around with the unique rulesets to customize the asset for your specific projects.

But will it break my prefabs? 

We made absolutely sure that Scene Cleaner Pro avoids breaking up any Unity prefabs while still cleaning your scenes in less than a second. The point of the asset is to save time by cleaning a messy hierarchy instantly, not create more chaos :) 

Additionally, to avoid any errors, the asset makes sure to first check if a given object can be deleted, merged, or re-arranged before re-structuring the hierarchy. 

Wouldn't it be neat if Scene Cleaner Pro could...

As always, we will continue working on developing Scene Cleaner Pro based on your feedback, so be sure to let us know what your thoughts are after having tried the asset.

To follow the discussion of Scene Cleaner Pro and its future features, check out our Unity forum thread

We look very much forward to hearing from you.

Scene Cleaner Pro has been developed by a super cool Unity developer by the name of Valdemar Voss, and is being published by us at Devdog.


Check out Scene Cleaner Pro on the Asset Store!

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