Launching Our Action Rock Music Bundle


Rock Music for your Game or Trailer

Following the launch of our first art asset, Melee Weapons of Brutality, last month, we're proud to announce "Action Rock Music Bundle" as our first venture into music and audio for games and game trailers. 

Action Rock Music Bundle is a high-quality collection of 61 professional and dynamic rock tracks perfect for any Action / Shooter / Adventure / Platformer game or trailer.

The bundle includes 10 unique tracks in varying tempo, each with a looped version and shorter looped variations based on the main track.

All 61 tracks have been made by the talented artists at Danish indie studio StonePlant Studios and published by Joris and I at Devdog. 

But Does it Sound Epic? 

Yes indeed it does! We made three mixes based on the audio tracks you'll find it the package - feel free to give it a listen (my personal favorite is Teaser 3):


Can I Get The Nitty Gritty Details, Please?

Definitely. Here's a quick rund-down of the details of each track. 

  1. A New Adventure – 110bpm [Full Track – 2:46 + 2 Looped Versions + 3 Looped Variations] 
  2. Action Node – 170bpm [Full Track - 03:28 + Looped Version + 4 Looped Variations]
  3. Breaking Free – 180 bpm [Full Track – 02:09 + Looped Version + 5 Looped Variations]
  4. Enemy Approaching – 120bpm [Full Track – 02:36 + Looped Version + 5 Looped Variations]
  5. Kings of Eternity – 120bpm [Full Track – 03:25 + Looped Version + 4 Looped Variations]
  6. Rage Machine – 85bpm [Full Track – 03:32 + Looped Version + 4 Looped Variations]
  7. Return of a Hero – 170bpm [Full Track – 02:36 + 2 Looped Versions + 1 Looped Variation]
  8. The End Draws Near – 180bpm [Full Track – 02:17 + Looped Version + 5 Looped Variations]
  9. The Hunter’s Reward – 100bpm [Full Track – 03:07 + Looped Version + 4 Looped Variations]
  10. Till Dawn – 130bpm [Full Track – 04:07 + Looped Version + 4 Looped Variations]

As always, we'd love to hear from you if you have any suggestions for the package, and if you decide to check it out, be sure to leave us a rating on the Asset Store. 

Check out Action Rock Music Bundle on the Asset Store!

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