Huge Odin Update and Sale


So Much Good Stuff!

4 months and well over 60 awesome reviews (thank you! <3) after launch, we're ready with the biggest-ever update for Odin!

And to make things even better, Odin was selected to be part of the Unity Back to School Sale, meaning that Odin is now cheaper than it'll ever be, at only $21!

What's so Great About Odin 1.0.5?

Glad you should ask!

First of all, you can now finally say goodbye to GeneratedOdinEditors.dll. 

The genius developers at Sirenix found a DLL-free way to make Unity draw Odin's inspectors without having to declare editor types with CustomEditor attributes on them. 

This means no more recompilation whenever you change your types, and that Odin can instantly upddate which types it draws at runtime without any reloads! 


The update also includes:

Persistent Editor States that work when Unity reloads and even after it has been shut down and restarted! 


Dictionary Key Type Support meaning dictionaries can now have keys of any type except on prefab instances.


Editor-Only Mode, which allows you to completely turn off the Odin Serialization system with the click of a button.


But wait! There's a bunch more!

In fact, you can read about the two dimensional arrays and list tables, AOT support, a bunch of new attributes, and a lot of fixes!

You can read more about these in Sirenix's nice release notes.

Check out Odin on the Asset Store!

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