A new Inventory Pro - Version 2.5


We Have Re-written Parts of Inventory Pro Based on Your Suggestions! 

Over the last year and a half, we've received a ton of super awesome feedback from Inventory Pro users on how the asset could be improved even more.

Many of these feature requests have been released as normal updates, but today we're releasing our biggest major overhaul: Inventory Pro 2.5!  

If you upgrade before the end of August, the price will be discounted from $25 to only $15, and if you don't use Inventory Pro yet, you will also have the chance to acquire Inventory Pro 2.5 for only $55 for the rest of August, after which period the price will rise to $65. 

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What's new in Inventory Pro 2.5? 

Inventory Pro 2.5 is a re-write of several of the core elements of Inventory Pro, once again ensuring that the asset will remain the best and most flexible inventory system for Unity for years to come.

Most notably, through the added Devdog.General Update Utility, we'll now be able to patch issues in the Devdog.General main library, without having to submit a new update through the Asset Store. 

In addition, we've added a bunch of new features and done a massive clenaup, which you can read more about below.

The full changelog includes:

  • massive cleanup of the asset
  • Added levels for stats (all in-editor with code support), allowing you to define levels and experience required to achieve those levels
  • Items can now have random stats (code only at the moment)
  • Devdog.General is now the main library used by all Devdog assets
  • Updated UI support; All windows can now block UI and player controller input
  • Player stats and equipment have been cleaned up a LOT, making the entire setup re-usable for NPCs / monsters (allows custom stats and equipment for monsters / NPCs).
  • Added equipment handlers, which allows for custom equipment handlers
  • Update Utility for Devdog.General. This allows us to patch issues in the Devdog.Genreal library without submitting new versions through the asset store, which means you'll receive these fixes instantly!
  • Brand new YouTube tutorials for version 2.5 of Inventory Pro - view them all here.

Sounds great, anything I should be aware of? 

We changed a lot for version 2.5 of Inventory Pro, which means the asset is NOT fully compatible with the previous version

To make the transition easier, we added Converters to move things to their new types and keep most of your data. However, UIWindow components and UIWindowDraggable component will have to be re-added. As well as stats for items, and stat requirements.

Check out Inventory Pro 2.5 on the Asset Store!

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