About Devdog

Who are we, and what do we do?

We develop and publish high quality software and assets for Unity that are used by both professional and aspiring game developers.

Our tools and assets are available on the Unity Asset Store, and have so far helped over 7200 game developers make awesome games!

We believe that any game deserves the highest quality code.   

A few random facts about DEVDOG:

  1. Our first asset, Inventory Pro, was released in March 2015
  2. DEVDOG consists of a two-man team from Holland and Denmark
  3. Our assets and tools have more than 7.200 happy gamedev customers 
  4. All our published assets have 5-star reviews on the Asset Store (thank you!)
  5. We secretly want to develop our own games too


Many great tools and assets tend to get abonded by their developer after a relatively short time. As a consequence hereof, at DEVDOG, our core philosophy is to publish few, but high quality, assets that we keep improving over time, fixing bugs and implementing new feature requests even years after initial release.

When you buy a DEVDOG asset, you know you can expect exceptional support and fantastic code - it's simply part of our DNA!

About us

We're a developer and publisher of best-in-class tools and asset for the Unity game engine. We develop and sell but also publish products like Odin for talented developers and artists around the world.