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  • Rucksack

    Rucksack is the most flexible and extensible inventory solution with UNet support that enables you to easily setup player inventories, NPC inventories, banks, premium shops and much more in both online and offline games on any platform!

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    Thousands of developers use our tools to create better games faster every day. From inventory and achievement systems to workflow improvement tools, we have everything you and your team needs to work more efficiently in Unity.

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We're in the business of helping you create awesome games. We do this by engineering tools that help you achieve more no matter if you're an indie rockstar or a large team on a quest towards efficiency.

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Built with Devdog Tools

Thousands of developers use our tools to improve their workflows and make better games faster. Here's just a few examples.

  • tomzigza

    Super productivity booster

    «This product really should be merged into unity like they did with textmeshpro. They also provide great support on their discord. I got my question answered within 24 hours.»

  • fidelsoto

    How is this even possible?

    «I made a polymorphic list, returned to the inspector, and I could not believe what I saw. I shed a tear for every hour I spent coding custom inspectors and then cried (of happiness) at the thought of never having to write a custom editor script again. The value that this plugin adds to the engine is unparalleled not only for unity but for any piece of software currently in existence. This changes everything. This should be integrated into the engine.»

  • ledbetterman

    Odin Inspector - Unity on Steriods

    «I can't sing the praises of this asset enough. Odin Inspector has revolutionized my workflow: the way in which complex data structures and behemoth classes are made conveniently editable and organized in the Unity inspector. Odin enables the game designer to the be the master of their project.»

  • tectuma

    Well worth every penny!

    «Once more DevDog hit it out of the park. It is very easy to use and ties right into the Inventory system. It only took a few min to set up, and where off and running. With the quest setup all being gui based it makes making quest, achievements, and dialogue fast and very easy to use. I cannot stress how much of a time saver this will be for our team.»

  • nixtwiz


    «This is a must-have asset. Even if you are doing a linear game without "quests" this is very useful. It takes a little to learn, but once you do it saves sooooo much time. The quest system makes setting up triggered events and whatnot very easy. The localization system is fantastic.»

  • Joemcoy

    Best and logical system of quests

    «I try to create a logic for quests, waypoints, and others things of an quest system, but this asset saves time of create, only need to adapt to my network.»

  • Kush-Mastah

    Great tool !

    «Fast, easy, intuitive and robust solution for anyone looking for some detection tool. Tutorials are very well done and allow you to work with the system very quickly. It is highly flexible and customizable, and can do the trick for basic set up to more complex situations. Zones are particularly well thought out.»

  • Drown

    Cool solution, especially for artists

    «I really like this asset. It allowed me to do my first experiments with stealth mechanics and LoS gameplay elements. I got it for the Playmaker support as it is a big part of my workflow when doing prototyping.»

  • ksx_kshan

    Highly Recommended for Stealth Games

    «This package is exactly what I needed to allow my character to hide in foliage and create immersive stealth type gameplay. I absolutely cannot recommend this product enough if you have need for a more advanced detection algorithm.»

Locus Solus by Kuroneko Soft

Locus Solus is a massively multiplayer online game made by the indie team at Kuroneko Soft. The game utilizes Quest System Pro to setup everything quests and dialogues with NPCs.

A_RPG() by MostHated

A_RPG() is a low-poly co-op RPG with 5v5 PVP matches. The game is in its early stages of development, and has used Rucksack to quickly get a full-fledged inventory system setup.

Brightrock Games

Brightrock Games uses Odin Inspector to improve their data-driven workflow by easily exposing any data to the designers through Odin's inspector and editor windows. 

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