Quest System Pro

Dialogue Camera

The DialogueCamera is a component that can be used to focus on a player or a certain position. 

Note: If you wish to use a dialogue camera for an NPC it's recommended to make the DialogueCamera object a child of the NPC.

New positions can be added by clicking the Plus icon in the bottom right corner. By clicking the camera position the visual representation (viewing frustum) will show up green inside the Unity editor. By positioning the editor camera to a position and clicking on "Copy from editor camera" the position will be saved.

Once the positions have been set we can use our dialogue to focus on one of these positions for a specified amount of time or until a new position overrides it.

In the Dialogue editor we have some components that can help us with this. For example the SetDialogueOwnerCameraPosition. This node sets the dialouge owner (the NPC's) camera position.

Note that there is also an AutoFocus component that automates this.

From = The 'key' as defined in the DialogueCamera compoennt.

To = The 'key' we want to move towards (this creates a transitions between the From key and the To key).

Duration = The amount of time we want to show this shot. If both From and To are set the transition will take this long to complete.

Animation = The AnimationCurve we want to use for this animation. By default this is EaseInOut.