Quest System Pro

Dialogue Camera auto focus

When the dialogue is running you may want to focus the camera on the one that's speaking. This can be done by hand, but this is a lot of work. Optionally you can use the DialogueCamera's and the AutoFocus components to automate this process.

For the AutoFocus component to work a DialogueCamera has to be set up with valid locations. See documentation on Dialogue Camera.

There's 2 components that handle the auto focus. There's the DialogueOwnerAutoFocus and the DialoguePlayerAutoFocus. As you may have figured out already, the owner is for the NPC and the player is for the main player's character.

Simply add the component to the same object that has the DialogueOwner component (so to the NPC, not the DialogueCamera object).

Use interpolation = This will automatically try to interpolate between 2 randomly chosen points.

Interpolation time = The speed of the interpolation animation.

Focus names = The names (these have to exist in the DialogueCamera component) used to randomly set the position of the camera.