Inventory Pro

UFPS Getting started

First, like any other integration, make sure to enable the UFPS integration in the integrations window.

Step 1

First, select your player and add the following components to it:

  • InventoryUFPSInputController – Binds the UFPS Input and Inventory Pro’s UI.
    • Make sure you assign the Input field
    • Make sure you assign the Crosshair
  • InventoryPlayer – Defines the Inventory Pro player.
    • Select Dynamically Find UI Elements
    • Set the path to the Character UI Path, Inventories and Skillbar.

Step 2 - UIWindows

After the UFPS integration is enabled all UIWindows will receive a new field named Block UFPS Input.

When Block UFPS Input is enabled the window will block the UFPS input, meaning that the camera won't move while the window is visible. When the window becomes invisible the UFPS input will be restored.

Choose carefully which windows should block UFPS input, for example the InfoBox ( tooltip ) shouldn't block the input, as it can be shown while maintaining the input. The Inventory however should (likely) block input while visible.

That's it, you can now create items using the item editor to test out the integration.