Inventory Pro


Object triggerers can be used to trigger a window and bound them to a location in the world. For example, when the player opens a bank it is done so at a specific location in your game. When the player walks away the bank window will auto. be closed and won't be able to be re-opened until the player is near the bank again.

The triggerer distance can be managed in the settings editor ( Settings > Pickup & Usage > Use object distance )

  • Trigger mouse click activates the window when the triggerer is clicked.
  • Trigger hover key code triggers the window when the object is in the center of the screen and the keycode is pressed (useful for first person games).
  • The animations and audio clips are for the object that triggers the window (such as a NPC), not the window itself.

Controller & first person support

In addition to the clicking behavior keycodes can also be used to invoke a triggerer. In the settings editor you can define which behavior should be used. This behavior can be defined in the main settings editor ( Settings editor > Pickup & Usage > Triggerer Handler type ) 


When using a controller the Find Best In Range option is likely the option for you. Using this option items will be searched near the player and considered as the triggerer the player would like to invoke. This is based on a combination of range and angle tot he player (items in-front of the player have priority). To visualize this behavior an ObjectTriggererRangeUI can be used.

First person

When building a first person game the option Raycast From Camera is likely the option for you. Using this option a ray will be cast from the center of the screen. This allows you to "look" at a triggerer and use it by pressing a keycode. To visualize this behavior an ObjectTriggererFPSUI can be used.