Inventory Pro

Item properties

Looping through all properties of an item.

using UnityEngine;
using Devdog.InventorySystem;

public class MyClass
	public InventoryItemBase item;
	public void Awake()
		foreach (var prop in
                     //; // Use name (property name as defined in editor name)
                     //	prop.value; // Use value

Naturally properties can also be modified / added / removed at run-time. In order to add and remove properties values will have to be temporarily be copied to a list (or other data structure that allows adding / removing), and once completed be copied back to a regular array.

var l = new List(; // Create a new list that we can add to and remove from.
var myNewProperty = new InventoryItemProperty(){ name = "Strength", value = "3" };
l.Add(myNewProperty); // Add our own property = l.ToArray(); // Convert to an array and set.