APRIL'S FOOL: Devdog Acquired by Unity Technologies

By April 1, 2017

APRIL'S FOOL: We've Been Acquired by Unity

At long last, we're proud to finally be able to announce that we (Devdog) including Inventory Pro, Quest System Pro, upcoming Odin Inspector & Serializer, and all our other products have been acquired by Unity Technologies as of April 1st.

After outcries from several people on Reddit, demanding that the Odin Inspector & Serializer becomes part of the core Unity engine, Unity Technologies decided to once again listen to the community that has made it so famous and immediately reached out to us to discuss an acquisition deal that will integrate the entire Devdog portfolio of assets as part of the core Unity engine.

"Recommending Unity buy this, this is the dopest shit. Well done y'all" - Reddit user Naxum said on Reddit.


What Will Happen Next?

As of later today, April 1st, all Devdog assets will become free to download, and as of the next Unity engine update, the Odin Inspector & Serializer will become part of the core Unity engine, finally allowing you to serialize polymorphic types and everything else Odin has to offer.

Personally, both Joris and I will be joining the Unity team in Denmark and The Netherlands, where Joris we'll continue work on the core Devdog products.

Enjoy your 1st of April, Sune and Joris of Devdog ;) (p.s. YES, this is an April Fool's joke!)