LOS Pro Official Release (and 60% Discount!)

By October 26, 2016

LOS Pro is out of Beta

Our Line of Sight and Hearing system for Unity, which allows you to detect and hear targets in your Unity game world all by attaching just a single component to your objects, is now officially out of beta! 

We originally released the beta version of LOS Pro 7 months ago, and today, thanks to the fantastic feedback of the many beta testers, we're celebrating the update to version 1.0 with a grand discount sale!  

Right now, and for the next 2 weeks, LOS Pro will be only $10 on the Unity Asset Store, after which the price will rise to $25.

We won't do discount like this often for LOS Pro, so grab this 60% discount when you can. 


What Did we Update in LOS Pro? 

Apart from a bunch of minor updates and changes, we have:

  • Added predicate lists to ISight to allow custom conditions for detection
  • Updated the ModuleList, which is used by both UIWindow and Trigger
  • Updated the Devdog.General library 

Are We Then Done With LOS Pro?

Absolutely not!

As with all of our assets, we'll continue to update and improve LOS Pro as long as there is more to be improved. 

But as we further update the asset, we can safely guarantee that the price will never drop below $10 (the standard price is $25), so make sure not to miss this sale.  

Get LOS Pro Today!